If your business experiences a high call volume while you are already on a call, away from your desk or otherwise unavailable, investing in a professional answering service is the right choice for you and your business. We understand you as a business owner have a busy life and aren’t always able to have direct contact with callers. From meetings to travel you can’t always be at the forefront of the office and that is where Connect steps in! We are a UK based company dedicated to filling in any gaps that exist in your customer service department. Do need someone to answer calls after hours? During meetings? While traveling? Our service and individually catered packages offer solutions fit to your needs. From 8am-6pm your callers will be greeted with a friendly customer service representative and outside of human hours you will still be notified of a missed call through your personal or business email.

Make Every Call Count!

At Connect call answering service we understand as a business owner you need to be in control of the calls that are coming in to your business. We employ staff who are trained to read off a provided script covering all services offered and potential customer inquiries specifically outlined by the business owner. We also offer services for calls to be diverted to your direct line in the case of a need to transfer. We have built our business to service the calls that are lost due to answering machine recorded messages. Over 80% of callers will hang up and fail to leave a message when greeted by a machine. At Connect we want to link the caller directly to the business within normal business hours.

We employ customer service representatives who are trained to help you. Regain control of your customer service operations and capitalize on after hour inquiries with an expertly trained Connect employee or multiple employees who are eager to answer questions, inquiries or divert a call to your cell phone or land line directly. We want to help serve your business and make each and every incoming call count! Let us help your business grow, flourish and secure a customer basis that will directly benefit your company.

Packages and plans

Choose from the available plans and packages we offer in order to decide the right answering service for you. We offer a range of packages that employ state of the art call service technology to serve your individual needs. You can choose the mechanism for alerts whether it is by email, SMS text or having a Connect customer service representative immediately transfer the call to your device of choice. The caller will feel as if the Connect employee is simply an in house receptionist and not a calling service or call center. Likewise, our services allow you to stay in control of the calls you receive and remain aware of any and all important information that is given to us.

Call us today with any questions, comments or concerns you have about our services offered. Ask us about our free trial and try us out for size. If you like what you experience (and we know you will) we look forward to working with you and your business in the future!