Today is the best time to start thinking about employing our staff to help in assisting your online diary management. If you are experiencing an influx of missed calls or find yourself employing an expensive and difficult to manage in house administrative staff it isn’t too late to change the way your business is run. In house employees in reception can take up your precious time and cost you extra money. We offer a way around this with our expert trained, professional staff to act as your first contact within your business. Don’t waste another minute losing money!

In addition to our call answering service and virtual PA employment, we offer our customers the ability to use and manage our online diary services. Useful for businesses such as medical practitioners, dental services and other appointment heavy practices our staff acts as an operator or appointment setter. Working virtually within the UK, our staff will answer with a friendly, polite greeting of your choice and speak with customers or patients about setting up appointments, cancelling appointments or making amendments to existing appointments. All of this recording is done in an online dairy that we organize and you have full access to whenever you need to see or reference it.

Online diary management aims to help you and your business or medical practice effectively manage time within normal business hours. By employing our staff you save the cost of employing an in house administrative staff that can be costly. You can always depend on our employees to show up on time, answer calls professionally, navigate calls, record important messages and divert urgent matters to you directly. Our team works through business hours when an in house administrative staff or receptionist might be taking one or multiple breaks. Employing multiple virtual staff members to manage your online diary will not only save you money on employee costs, but make you more money through an increase of business!

Our virtual receptionists provide the following services for your online diary management:

  • Fast, friendly greetings
  • Setting, amending and cancelling appointments
  • Organizing your yearly calendar
  • Recording important messages from clients or patients
  • Deferring urgent calls directly to you
  • Ability to access services anywhere during normal business hours
  • Immediate answering service to clients looking to learn more about your business or set an appointment
  • Offering a continuously open client forum

How can you take advantage of our service?

If you wish to try out our dairy management service we offer a 100% free trial of up to 30 days. Watch your monthly business and income grow by employing our virtual staff to assist in each and every need your company has.

Your free trial will include answering services, appointment setting, customer service, online diary management and referrals to your email or personal line directly. We will manage your diary with optimal organization, record clear messages and keep you informed of any questions, comments or concerns your clients have throughout the day.