We don’t charge for the number of telephone calls you receive, instead our tariffs are based on the number of messages we send you in a month. This means that we do not charge you for sales calls, hang-ups or calls where no message was left or transfer made.

  • No charge for the number of calls received
  • Tariffs based on messages/calls transferred
  • No charge for sales calls or wrong numbers
  • Monthly rolling contract guarantees flexibility
  • 30 day free trial of service

Straightforward pricing based on real usage

Much like your mobile phone tariff, there is a fixed monthly fee with a number of inclusive messages. Our pricing structure is designed to offer straightforward pricing based on the number of messages we handle for you each month.

Tariff Inclusive messages per month Calls answered Charge per month
Connect Starter 10 unlimited £19.99
Connect 25 25 unlimited £39.99
Connect 50 50 unlimited £59.99
Connect 75 75 unlimited £89.99
Connect 100 100 unlimited £114.99
Connect 150 150 unlimited £154.99
Connect 200 200 unlimited £199.99
Connect 500 500 unlimited £469.99
Connect 1000 1000 unlimited £899.99

If you don’t see a tariff that suits your business or would like to discuss pricing, please just call our sales team to find out what we can offer. Please note that as order taking and online diary management calls can take significantly longer than standard calls these can incur slightly higher rates, please contact us for full pricing details.